Easier Tapestry Life
  1. Requirements

    JRE 1.5 or upper.

    Eclipse 3.1 or upper.

    Eclipse Web Tools 1.0 M8 or upper (and its prerequisites).

  2. Install

    Recommended way: Directly install it from the eclipse update site:


    Download zip file and unzip it to your eclipse directory. You may need to restart your eclipse.

  3. Usage

    open "Tapestry Outline" view and "Properties" view.

    "Tapestry Outline" view is for outlining components in the currently opened page or component.

    "Properties" view is the view that comes with eclipse. It will show the properties of the selected component and you can also edit them in it. The property items are the ones in the page or component specification.

    Open html files with "Tapestry Page Editor", you can see a list of components in the "Tapestry Outline" view.